Homework Check Beta Coming Soon

So this is really only relevant to people attending Skyline High School (at least for now), but if you are an SHS student and you have a Windows Phone, I have the app for you!  I am going to be BETA testing my new app Homework Check which will  allow you to easily check your homework.  If you are interesting in testing it out, check out the information page and the beta testing section.

Almost 17 and App Development

This post is in the opposite order of the title, so if that bothers you, stop reading now.  Due to the awesome class that is IB Computer Science, I am working on app development for Windows Phone!  After I complete my IA (Internal Assessment, which is creating anything we want that demonstrates necessary complexity), I might starting looking into Android and iOS development, the former being more likely than the latter.  If IB or AP Computer Science is offered at your school, I highly recommend it if you are interested in computer science and want a challenge.  For most people they are not easy classes and will require you to work outside class to do well.  My first app, PrezPal, was more of an experiment to get my bearings with WP, and I’m now working on an app called Homework Check (final name to be decided), which will serve as a homework planner and pull new homework from your teacher’s feeds.

In other news, it’s almost my 17th birthday, and yeah…  I really don’t know what to say about that, but I guess I can buy M-rated games without a parent.  Except I don’t buy games at retail stores.  For my birthday I would like:

  • A new scientific calculator (preferably a TI-36X Pro, or just a new TI-30XS)
  • New Pilot G2 pens (0.5, NOT .7 or 1.0)
  • To stop procrastinating
  • Google Play Developer Account (actually I should probably wait)
  • Microsoft Surface (this is a stretch, not expecting it)
  • Someone

Doing Lots of Things

Well school has been out for a few weeks now and I’m settling into summer.  I am probably going to start producing new content for YouTube and have been working on a new channel, Xzst Music with a friend.  Right now there isn’t much there, but I’m using it to motivate me to play around in After Effects and some 3D editing software (such as Blender and 3Ds Max).

The one disappointing thing is I’m in between apartments right now, so my equipment situation is a little weird.  Luckily my server have a home for now, but my gaming setup has been toned down to fit in the restricted space I’m dealing with at the moment.  I’m leaving my Xbox consoles in storage for now until we move into the new place, but I’ve got my desktop and one monitor to game on for now.

On the bright side, I’ve been picking up tennis again, and been hanging out with friends on a  semi-regular basis.  Stay tuned.

Moving (Server Unreliability)

So I’m moving, which means any and all ParkerReno.net services could be experiencing outages over the next month (well a little over a month, but you get the point).  I will try my best to avoid any outages, but I know they will be unavoidable due to the nature of this transition.

Reading is Awesome (New eReader)

So I finally got around to replacing my broken Sony PRS600 with a Nook Simple touch.  So far I love it, and plan to root it in the future.  It does lack some features from my Sony Reader (such as audio support, some file formats, you can’t draw annotations), but it does have WiFi (which will be thoroughly exploited when I root it) and the B&N LendMe feature and in store reading is promising.

A Return to YouTube

Recently I haven’t had as much school work, and have been becoming interested in Minecraft more, so I am considering making YouTube videos again.  I do not want to make any promises, but it is a possibility if I can get into the swing of things.  I really do enjoy making videos, and they are a great way for me to relax and just say what is on my mind.

Also: Sorry if some links/ features of my website aren’t working, I have been noticing little broken things here and there after migrating to the new website.  Hopefully these issues will be fixed soon.

Let’s All Take a Moment…

I didn’t know her, so I’m not going to pretend I did.  I could, but all that would do is frustrate those who truly did.  What I can say is that a human holds so much potential, and any time we lose one, it is a tragedy.  Everyone has something special about them, and it takes everyone a different amount of time to realise that.

I don’t oppose a social media response in this event, it isn’t like we’re trying to help someone in a different country here; we are trying to reach out and help our peers in need.  There are few better places to do so.  The only part I do oppose is if you are saying you can help just for the likes (those don’t really mean anything unless there is a FB like -> USD exchange I’m unaware of).  Just know if you ever are feeling down, people care about you.  Your friends will want to know.  They will want to help you.  That is all, have a nice day everyone.


Note: I posted this on my website to make it accessible to people outside of facebook.  Feel free to share it until my webserver crashes :)

Why Can’t There Be One Set of Grammar Rules, Mine?

I could go on a rant about the numerous, arbitrary sets of grammatical rules, but I am far too lazy for that.  Instead I will just say that, in my humble, meaningless, but superior* opinion, text within quotes should contain only what was quoted.  Any punctuation that is added should be OUTSIDE the quotes (or within brackets, if it isn’t at the end).  BUT, you don’t care.  Unless you are British, because I think they do it this way, but again, I am too lazy to look that up.  I just know I’ve always done it that way on work that doesn’t have a huge impact on my grade.


*I suppose me saying this makes that humble point moot.  TOO BAD.