Brain dump: Motivation

yup, I let it die again.  I also started this post with a lowercase letter which is now driving me crazy, but I refuse to change it.  I also feel like a copycat because I saw a friend reviving his blog, but this was not my intent, I have been meaning to do this for a while.  “Why did you take so long to do this?” you may ask (or you might not), well I have had a problem with motivation and having fun recently.  I have been lacking motivation (and a girlfriend (or dates at all (MORE NESTED PARENTHESES!))) in my life; why do I do what I am doing?  I have been trying to figure this out and I still haven’t found an answer, it really is a fascinating question and its answer is definitely not simple.  Currently, I have quite a few friends and some hobbies, but I didn’t in 6th grade.  In 6th grade I was somewhat (READ: very) antisocial and pretty much zero hobbies, but more motivation.  One would originally think having more friends would give you motivation to do things, but it seems it doesn’t, why don’t they give you a reason to keep going?  Well I think having something means you lose motivation to get things (if that makes sense).  *DEVICE DISCONNECTED* <- the connection to my brain’s raw output was lost :(  I shall do another post at a different point in time, perhaps a continuation of this!


I love writing in these brain dumps, they are like commentaries that I just type out and I plan on doing them more often, even if I am the only one reading them.  You may notice they have a different writing style than a formal writing; this is because it is more or less a raw output from my brain.


EDIT: I am working on finding a theme I like for my blog.

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The Human Brain is Strange (at least mine)

I think I said I would blog more often last time I posted (or something like that,) well I guess that didn’t happen.  Exactly 2 weeks later I still haven’t really felt the urge to write until now.  I have released a few Black Ops commentaries that were pretty good, in my opinion.  Doing commentaries is like blogging, but instead of having to use a keyboard to let it flow out, you can just talk, which feels really nice when I have a lot on my mind or I am stressed.  Now that little intro is over, to the main topic: When working on my own stuff I don’t always feel all to motivated until the last minute (like on school work) or barely at all (my website), but now with the the LLG crew starting to become more serious about the clan/ channel/ website, I am feeling motivated to learn lots of stuff.  An example of this is I am most likely going to learn motion tracking for the montage.  Now to put that to good use I will also be learning some 3d modeling either through Blender or 3ds max.  I am also going to be learning even more about Vegas and later I am going to (hopefully) teach myself HTML5 and CSS3 to work on the website more.  FINALLY I am going to try and get back into programming and possibly release a LLG app on the WP7 marketplace.  That was all motivated by LLG and I don’t feel the same motivation from my own site.  Isn’t that strange?


Hopefully I will be posting again soon!

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