Big(?) Announcement: Xzst Gaming

If you managed to see an obscure tweet of mine stating very simply that I would be taking a back seat role in LLG you are one of very few.  I am now taking the time to write out a blog post finishing that thought and might put out a video about it later today.  At this time I am not planning to leave LLG, rather focus my efforts on a new team/ organization called Xzst Gaming, however, if it is wanted for me to leave LLG I am semi-prepared to (I do manage a few things within the organization that I would have to assign to someone else, though, and I would keep the LLG xbox account).  Now to explain what will change, if you are a subscriber/ fan of mine, you probably won’t see much change, but if you are a subscriber of LLG you will notice I will not be posting often (if at all) and will not be focusing my efforts on maintaining LLG related stuff, instead having someone else take charge of my responsibility.  Now you may be thinking about the announced LLG montage; I will, if necessary, edit it, but I would prefer for someone more actively involved in LLG to edit it as I have Xzst related videos I am currently working on.  Regarding the podcast I will still join it if I am still wanted, though listeners know I already don’t say much in it 🙂

My reasoning for joining (well more or less starting) Xzst was simply for a little bit of change in venues and to create something new building off of what I have learned with LLG.  I am doing much more things from scratch (the website was ‘coded*’ completely by me, unlike the LLG website) to make things more flexible for me.  We hope to create a quality feeling for Xzst and have zero hate or hard feelings towards LLG.  I encourage you to check out the Xzst website and to subscribe to the channel (but also keep watching LLG, I know they have some good stuff coming!)  The other co-founders of Xzst and I have been hard at work creating the various sites of Xzst and we hope you guys like them and come along for the ride!  We plan to have a montage out shortly, though we do not have a date, yet.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or tweet at me!