Were you looking for my connect site?  (You can find a lot of edited copies here)

Skyline IB Computer Science

// TODO: add stuff.

Everything below this line is not currently being updated and could be outdated.


Skyline IB Block Resources

Currently has a list of places to acquire books for this year.  See it now.


PrezPal Beta

Homework Check (coming eventually)

Study Tools

Biology Semester II Study Guide: Blanks (recommended version) & Answer Key

Note: this took me many, many hours to compile.  Donations and/ or a thank you would be appreciated!

Currently revision 0.2 for font changes and minor revisions as of 9 June 9:06pm.

East Asia [map quiz]

Europe [map quiz]

Middle East [map quiz]


Bhangra/ Yoga Lesson (meant to accompany in class lesson)

Bombing of Dresden (meant to accompany in class lesson)





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