I am now starting to rethink this design, but if you want to view these albums straight from imgur, will look great.

Original Set:

July 2012 Set (WIP):

Copyright Stuff:

I like to protect my stuff, in this case my pictures, but I don’t like to reserve all rights.  I prefer using licenses that allow my work to be freely distributed while still giving me credit for my works.

My pictures are distributed under a Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” license; I encourage you to read the license text, but the summary is you must credit my work to me by either retaining the watermark or if you remove it or one is not present, it must clearly credit the image to me (Parker Ciambrone) and directly above, below, or to the side of the image.  The non-commercial portion of this license means you may not make money on my image and the share-alike portion means you must distribute it under a similar license.  If you do you use my photos, I encourage you to make a donation to me by visiting

3 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Hi parker. I like the bee one and the yellow flower ones the best. good job. take pics of robert, he’d enjoy it 🙂

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